Another friendly reminder that I will accept new beta readers for my sci-fi adventure story ‘Asterion’, and will do right up until it’s ready to go to a proofreader (which will be a while yet – even when I’ve finished uploading the current chapters, there’ll be another draft or two at least I expect).  Here’s a quick blurb that I’ll just write now:

Over a century ago, a man was condemned for the crime of being in love.  After years imprisioned, other men saw in him brilliance and in return for his freedom asked that he build them a machine of such power that whoever controlled it would control the world.  And so, on an island far from civilisation, the man carried out his experiments and the Star Engine was built.  However, something went badly wrong.

In the present day, scientist and tinkerer Jennifer Airhart, thief and guitarist Kaya Cade, and the world’s most powerful girl Tenley Tych, are living their lives as close to normally as they can.  They are then approached by an important member of international conglomerate Meridiem to travel to the island, learn the truth, and save the boy – all while being pursued by other parties who want the Star Engine, and more, for themselves.  But was the engineer really a reborn Apollo, or Prometheus?

There will be some violent scenes and mentions of blood.  I’ve started uploading chapters to a password protected blog here on Tumblr, so all you have to do is message me or send me an ask and I’ll let you in.

I’ve also added a link to email me at the top of my About page on this blog, if you would prefer me to send a document or to send me detailed feedback and suggestions.

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