Could wizards or witches become real in Jen’s world?

Well, there was Madame Lumina, but she was reall just a showman.  No real abilities.  There are magicians of course, like in real life using all kinds of science and trickery to fool you into thinking you’ve seen real magic at work.  Maybe ELF’s or other genetic engineered things will emerge with more supernatural seeming powers like telekinesis and the ability to manipulate various kinds of field and molecules.

As far as magic goes… like in real life, waving a stick of wood and shouting doesn’t really accomplish a lot.  But Jen as a scientist knows there are things she can’t explain and doesn’t know the answer to, at least not yet.  She also see’s the real value in old traditions.  Traditional herbal remedies often do work, for example – even if they didn’t know exactly why they worked, wise women discovered through years of trial and error what herbs were beneficial and passed that knowledge on.  And spells and potions eventually led to alchemy, and many of the methods from that led to real chemistry.  So while magic in the sense of fireballs and curses may not be real, without it we may not have gotten to where we are.  The universe is still full of wonders.

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