A quick list of some of the characters in my story.  They’re not all here, and some information may be subject to change:

Jennifer Willow Airhart – Slightly below average height.  Blue eyes and fair hair and skin.  Intelligent, but very nervous around people she isn’t familiar with.  Both her parents disappeared when she was young while on an expedition to Antarctica, causing young Jen to become increasingly withdrawn.  Her uncle provided for her, as well as some money left to her when it was finally decided to lay her parents to rest.  She also trades online in order to fund her experiments and projects.

Kaya Cade – Jen’s childhood friend.  Average height and brown eyes and hair (which she often dyes multiple colours).  Aggressive and short tempered, but likes music.  When not afraid for her life, she can become rather playful.  Quite close to her mother, but doesn’t get along at all with her father who she regards as a deadbeat and is the reason she refuses to go home and tries to get by on her own.  After Jen became withdrawn Kay became distant, spending more time with other kids, eventually even joining in with them to outright bully her old friend.  Currently in a band, ‘The Killer Aqua Bunnies’.

Candy and Ashley – Also in The Killer Aqua Bunnies.  Candy is the lead singer and the one with the stronger personality, which although it can be a bit thuggish at times the others, especially Ashley, tend to go along with.

Sayuri – The drummer in the band, and the only one Kaya really likes.  Her father runs a store and it’s usually her house the band meets in.

Tenley Tych – Eleven years old with black hair and eyes.  Was raised alone by her militant mother.  While Ten never really liked her mother, longing for some of the things a normal child would have, she also felt a need to try and please and impress her.  After her mother’s murder, there is only one thing on her mind.

Chauncey ‘Chance’ Delainy and Francis Daramy – Cops.  Delainy often seems somewhat troubled and serious, while the older and more experienced Daramy tends to be a bit more relaxed and laid back. (I figured I needed to have some token male characters).

Doctor Jana Sarkis – Tall, dark and athletic.  She used to work with Jenny’s father, and after he disappeared she stops by to check on Jen regularly.

Lily and Ella – The main henchwomen.  Red haired Lilian is very serious, but has a strong sense of honour.  Blonde Ella is rather more playful, and sadistic.

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