I thought Netflix’ Bright would be the kind of thing I’d enjoy. Afterall, it’s kind of like the kind of stories I’ve been working on for a while, and indeed my current project, which is mixing fantasy with reality albeit in a different way – my stuff is about humans bringing fantasy to real life with intelligence and ingenuity, whereas Bright is an alternative reality like ours but where orcs and elves and other fantasy creatures have just always existed.

Unfortunately although I like the concept, the execution was just messy. Like Will Smith’s character starts off at home with his family, but then for the rest of the film he’s this hardboiled loner. I was confused why the elf girl they wind up with was acting like a child, then I heard that apparently in an earlier draft she was actually a child but then they aged her to her twenties but didn’t bother to change anything else. Will Smith also calls an Orc ‘Shrek’, so either the Shrek movies still exist in this world, or there is an actual Shrek in it somewhere and any movie was just a documentary about him.  Either way it was just all over the place really.

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