A few of my favourite things… Video Game Limited/Collectors Edition tat

I don’t usually buy limited or collectors editions of video games, but here are the few occasions I have.

Fable III, you see comes in what looks like a book on the shelf, but is not a book.  It just opens up and inside is a place you keep the game in, and also a drawer in which is a coin and some playing cards, with the face cards of course being characters from the game, like Reaver and a chicken.

Watch from Assassin’s Creed Unity, which was a complete waste of money.  But at least, unlike the game, the watch actually does work.  You can wind it up and listen to it tick.  And then there’re the maps and postcards from Destiny, another collossal waste of my time and money.

And in the middle is Tales of Xillia 2, which came with a nice hardback art book, a compass thing (which doesn’t do anything – it’s just got a mirror inside it), and Ludger Kresnik figure, which I had never actually opened before (it still had the cellotape on it).  He’s not my favourite character; I’d have preferred really any of the others.

But I got him out… there he is, our silent protagonist.  Well actually, weirdly he does have voice acting, but you have to have completed the game at least once in order to have the option to enable it.

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