A few of my favourite things… SPACE!

Yes, a random selection of some of my outer space and sci-fi themed themed things.  I only got the Star Trek The Next Generation Blu-Rays recently – I had choice between that and the TOS, which was actually slightly more expensive.  To be honest, TNG is what I remember from my childhood, although I’ll get them all eventually.  Of course, this is only a small selection of it; I have a bigger telescope, and a lot more DVD’s and books.

My mum actually came over and saw me doing this, and asked if I needed any sacks – she thought I was going through stuff to decide what to throw away.  But why would I throw away any of this?  Okay, maybe I don’t need that Stars and Planets book, but… you can’t see in the photo, but the lettering is all sparkly and shiny… no, got to keep it.

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