A few of my favourite things… DC ‘Femmes Fatales’

From Eaglemoss, who do several sets.  I know, you’d really have expected Catwoman to be with this set, but I guess she was already in another pack so instead we get Batgirl.  Like I said, they do several sets.  The reason I’m showing you this one, is that there is a mystery surrounding it…

As you can see, they’re all a bit damaged.  I left the house one day, and when I came back they were all over the floor.  Ivy has broken ankle, Harley’s come off her stand, and Batgirl has had one of her ears nibbled off, possibly by Harley.  I think my friend was playing with them, but she won’t own up to it.  The alternative is that Toy Story is true and they came to life and started fighting the moment I left the room.

Anyway, in addition to a certificate of authenticity, also inside the box is a booklet with some biographical information about each of them.

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