A few of my favourite things… Cuddlies

Just fetched them all down from the loft, and some of them are looking a little bit weathered, to say the least.  The Polar Bear has basically changed into a brown bear.  Anyway, he’s called Jingle – imaginatively named because when you press his hand, he plays Jingle Bells, or used to anyway.  I think someone still makes these bears, as I seem to recall seeing ones in far better condition in a store recently.  But this one must be about thirty years old as I’ve had all my life that I remember.  The dog too, who has lost an eye at some point.  You know I’m actually getting emotional seeing these old things again…

Anyway, the tiger is quite a lot newer, and the monkey newer still.  I just got him at a fair last year with the rest of the family.  There were some donkeys there and they were raising money for a sanctuary by selling a bunch of plushie toys.

I was reluctant to buy one at first.  The toys were alright, but I just didn’t want my money going to any donkeys.  Didn’t like the look of the ones they had there… had this evil look in their eyes.  But in the end I relented.

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