A few of my favourite things… Blinky (& Family)

I figured I’d share with people some of the tat I’ve accumulated over the years… (cough) Sorry… I mean treasured items of immense value that I refuse to throw away.

So yes, this is Blinky, my pet Dalek.  She’s gathered a bit of dust on her from where she’s been stored the last couple of years.  I had to put her out of reach of the kids because they keep wanting to play with it, but it NOT FOR THEM.  THEY DO NOT APPRECIATE IT ON AS MANY LEVELS AS I DO.  Also, they broke the aerial for the remote control… not that it really seems to have made any difference as the range was always crap.

I don’t know if Daleks actually have a sex, but I’m calling Blinky a she because apparently, she’s spawned pups.  Seriously, I remember buying the big Dalek, but I’ve no idea where the little ones came from.

And the PS4 controller is just there to give you an idea of the actual size of this and other wondrous items I’ll be showing you later.

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