John Christopher

“Popular as a disaster novelist in the early 60s, Christopher is now best known for his young adult Tripods sequence, in which teenagers must face life under War of the Worlds-esque alien overlords. Christopher is talented at choosing a simple concept and developing it in a natural yet intriguing manner.”

– An excerpt from my guide Asimov to Zelazny: The Science Fiction Author Manual

These are the earliest books I remember reading, at least that I wasn’t made to read in school, and therefore quite influential I suppose, even though I don’t remember a great deal of what happens in them.  In the first one they journey through France and come across the remains of Paris and I remember one of the characters being intrigued by a pocket watch.

I also seem to recall there was a prequel to this series as well telling how the masters took over earth.  Not by waging war, but by hypnotising people through a TV programme called ‘The Trippy Show’.

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