Tagged by @wchwriter about a week ago. I’ve just been quite busy with Easter and family matters.

Rules: Go to page 7 of your WIP, share 7 sentences, then pass along to 7 people!

My story is in Scrivener so I copied to word to find out where page seven was. It seems to be just after the last excerpt I posted, so here’s a little bit:

The tent flap was blown open by a harrowed looking man, scruffy and unshaven, like the kind of man who got very little sleep and a lot of headaches. Jen’s dad. He whispered to the doctor lady who then left them alone as he first turned to the blood-machine while talking breathlessly, “I was worried sick about you two. You’re lucky that your mother is away or the scolding we would get… we’re probably still going to get it.”

Jennifer hung her head and plaintively said, “I’m sorry.”

Screens on the machine were reflected in Jonathan’s glasses as he read. “You’re not hurt at least. No infections,” he told them, turning off the machine and slipping the vials in his pocket.

As I’m so late on this I’ll just leave the usual open invitation for anyone who happens to see it.

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