Worldbuilding June Day 1

I’ll start very small by telling you about Syn.

Syn was the first successful multicellular synthetic organism created by Jennifer Airhart’s father when he worked for Alvin Stag at Stag Corp, used to demonstrate the viability of the new technology they had developed and get further funding.  Syn’s entire genetic code was written on a computer, which they sometimes referred to as the Mother Machine, then injected into a synthetic cell, fed energy, and allowed to grow.  It was a replica of Charnia, a plant-like fractal life form from over 555mya that lived on the sea floor and fed on nutrients from the water.

Soon Stag Corp developed several other simple life forms, such as various types of Fungi.  But Alvin Stag was overly ambitious and despite the fact that the scientists were still learning, demanded they create an intelligent creature.  Using humanity as a template, Titania was born from a crystal egg (an artificial womb).  Titania would later escape Stag Corp and live in the shadows, fully assuming the identity of her namesake.

As a result of all this, Alvin Stag’s investors demanded that he shut down his experiments and start over.  But Syn still resides within a tubular tank in the laboratory in which it was created.

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