Wonderful Spam!

I’m always excited to get spam in my email!  Well, most of the time it’s just casinos and crappy offers.  But just now I got an offer to get to know someone new!  Yay!  So it was like this:

‘Hey yo ;D ‘

I hate you already.

‘I think u are a hunky guy.’

Oh, it’s like you’ve known me all my life.

‘I’m a easy-going honey feeling abandoned. Possible
you could send me an email?’

It’s possible, yes.  Probably won’t happen though.  And I think you might have some self-esteem issues.

‘Tell me something about yourself.’

Sure.  What do you want to know?  I suppose most relationships begin with people sharing their insurance numbers and bank account details, right?

‘Where are you from,’


‘how old are you?’

Not young enough I’m afraid.

‘Hope to hear back from you ))
Hugs & Kisses‘

So long, easy-going honey.  Our encounter was brief but I’ll always be your hunky guy.

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