WIP – The Little Queen


Hey there peeps,

I have made a page for my current WIP, The Little Queen, with a brief blurb and description.  Let me know if there’s any more information you think should be there. I might still change the title.

I also still need a series title. Let’s see… Jennifer lives in a lighthouse, so… The Lighthouse Family? I think that one’s taken.  Lighthouse… Pharos… I did actually have a thought that Evil Incorporated (Meridiem) would keep a file on Jennifer & friends called Pharos… something. It needs a second word. I still have to work on it.

The lighthouse or pharos of Alexandria is mentioned a couple times as well. Other things to look forward to:

No romance. It’s a story about friendship and family and lost innocence, but there’s no romantic subplot. Most of the story takes place over a few days and they spend it trying to not be killed, so there’s no time. Also, here is the only scene where one of the main characters has no clothes:

“Good,” Jennifer sighed in relief. It was likely though that the police would be doing the same and complicate things as none of them really knew what they were dealing with. For now she picked up her tablet and set Hull to block them, then told him to “get the van ready.”

“Affirmative,” he said, sending the information to her tablet. Jennifer took a deep breath, knowing at least where she was going but not what to do when she got there. First thing was to make sure Kaya was safe, so with that goal in mind she started to march boldly toward the door. “Miss Jennifer,” Hull boomed again.


“If you are going into town I must remind you it is customary to wear clothes.”

She looked down, blushed, then sheepishly grinned, “right… sorry.”

So yeah, if you’re looking for girl on girl action you might be disappointed. Jennifer does punch someone, once, and there are a few other fight scenes with Kaya, Ella and Lily.

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