Too Human


Here’s a little short story of sorts (about 2,000 words), basically taken from abandoned parts of my current WIP (which you can find out a bit more about on the link on the right of my blog). I guess you can consider a mini-prequel:

It started as an almost perfect summers day, basking in the
warmth of the sun as a cooling breeze kept it from being overbearing. Little Tien
was chasing the dog with a hose, happier than she had ever been since – well,
the day was almost perfect. There was a seat on the patio that now lay empty
and several romance novels that now went unread. But for Hung there was still
work to do. On his laptop he scrolled lists of numbers, formulas – he would
rather have been playing too, but it had to be done. Tien was his world now and
he had to make sure she would always be provided for.

The dog was barking. It took Hung a moment to register the
shift in the animal’s tone – it had been yelping merrily but had become wild
about something. Hung jumped away from his work. Tien had gone quiet, but he
couldn’t imagine the family pet turning on her – surely he’d have heard a scream
if it had. Running around the side of the house he saw the dog with its chest
low and legs spread as if wanting to pounce, but its eyes fixed high above, baring
his teeth at a point in a nearby tree. Tien’s eyes were fixed there too, but
whereas the dog was agitated she was wistful, holding out her arms like she did
when she wanted an adult to pick her up.

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I wrote this thing in just about an hour or two as well. It could do with some revising and editing, but I know I can go at a decent pace when I feel like it.

Anyway, I’m not doing a Halloween story this year, so this will have to do. I do have some really great ideas for the next time Valentines Day comes around though.

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