This is my Star Trek Chronology, ‘The History of the Future’, that I’ve had for many years.  I’m not sure exactly how many years, but it was new when I got it, and only goes up to Season 5 of TNG.  So, that many years.

So no mention of DS9 or Voyager or Enterprise.  In fact, the 22nd Century was actually pretty boring.  There was The Romulan War and founding of The United Federation of Planets, but otherwise very little really happened.

I’ll see if there’s anything happening this century… Nomad was launched in 2002.  NASA kept that quiet.

Zefram Cochrane is born in 2030. 2033, a 52nd State is admitted to the USA (doesn’t say what or where this new state is, but I’m guessing some kind of solid/liquid state).

2040 – Television no longer survives as a significant form of entertainment.  I remember Data saying this, but I’ve always regarded it as one of the least likely predictions in all of Trek.  I can maybe see Theaters/Cinemas starting to disappear by the end of the century, but I think television in some form is going to stick around a lot longer.  And they’ll probably still be making Dr Who then as well.

2079 – Earth recovering from Nuclear War.  That could possibly end television.  (Interestingly though, there’s no mention of when this war started or who it was between).

Anyway, I suppose if I was interested in writing Trek fanfiction this would be a useful reference, although maybe find a more up to date version.  I suppose these days though there are websites with events and timelines on them.

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