There be pirates!

Yes, I’ve been pirated, it seems.  Maybe.  I don’t actually know that I have been.  I just saw the title of my work on one of those sites you have to sign up and fill in a survey for, which I’m not going to.  I mean, thanks for the offer of taking all my personal details and then bombarding me with advertisements I will never bother to look at, but I don’t really need to download my own stuff.  Shame though, because I was actually kind of excited about seeing my work up there.

And I was particularly excited about this review, which might turn out to be just a standard review they post on everything, like the other comments I’m sure we’ll get to.  But the second paragraph did make me believe for a second that someone had actually read it:

‘As we know that in early school we taught about how to reading first than how to write, that why reading is so important in human life. Reading make people know what going on in their surrounding in online newspaper or media social, it also give people especially reader information that make the way reader perceive something getting bolder. read this book Jen Air: The Little Queen By J Coutelier is so fun.

The perfect online books that make readers get critical thinking in pleasure way is Jen Air: The Little Queen By J Coutelier book. This book provide the reader to thinking critically because the information written by the writer wrapped in certain way that indirectly lead the reader to think critically, beside this book make the reader have pleasure time by reading the book and more reader read Jen Air: The Little Queen By J Coutelier they will get more into it.’

Pleasure time.  Oh yeah.  That’s what you get with me. 
I know how to have a good time. 

First we’ll play Spore a while, then some episodes of Star Trek and then, maybe, if we’re up to it, watch a Japanese sci-fi movie from the 1960′s.  That’s pleasure time.

‘Jen Air: The Little Queen By J Coutelier is comfort to read because the layout of each page is in good arrangement. This online book is different, reader sometime find the online book one-two or more page are in different size even different layout but Jen Air: The Little Queen By J Coutelier is in well arrange that why this book really suit for everyone. More over this book cover really interesting design, it make the reader tempted and want to read it. Judge book by its cover and not disappointed the reader is only on our website. The book in our website is online book version; reader can move the online book in their memory storage. This book is in small size but have good quality, so don’t be worry if this book will consume lots of memory storage.’

Yes, you should download this book because it’s legible.  The writing uses the same font throughout and is arranged into paragraphs and sentences making it much easier to read than if I hadn’t done that.  And the cover is interesting, thank you.  I did it myself.  Wish I got more praise for it.

The filesize is small too – much smaller than the filesize given for it on this site, which if I was paranoid might lead me to believe it may be just a ploy to infect people’s systems with ad and spyware.

Honestly I don’t my stuff getting shared, although obviously I’d prefer you get through Kindle.  And if you want to leave a genuine review or feedback, do it there or send it straight to me via Tumblr (or e-mail.  There’s an address in the book you can use, as well as on my own website).

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