i cannot stress how important it is to be engaging in the writing community here

you have people who share your problems in writing, who have tips that can save your chapter or even your book, and sometimes even you. they can lend an ear and they can listen to your crazy ideas and though they dont have to give you feedback they can.

so put your shyness away and contact that person you’ve been following for months or just followed and talk to them, ask them for advice, tell them about your story. whatever.

scared of their reaction? most writers are kind souls who want to help others achieve good things in writing. and what if someone says for you to sod off? you say thanks and you find someone worth your time.


Casual reminder that I love talking to you guys about everything! if you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to ask.

Being an Aspie it is very hard for me to approach people and ask them anything, especially for help and advice.  While I’m working on that, I do try to answer any questions I’m asked though.  I don’t have too much experience with writing yet, but I am meticulous at research.

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