The Gift of Ashes Excerpt: Sun and Moon’s fight


This is an excerpt from Chapter 5, Tale of Sun, which recounts the aftermath of one of Sun’s battle against the Crawlers. Sun and Moon were created to be the mortals’ champions against this inidentified evil they condensed into this vicious God… And so they cannot help but fight, and fight again, and fight anew: there will be no final victory for either side, because it was never included in the myths…

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fire is dimmed, wide patches of dull white cover her illusion of a body,
recounting the tale of the umpteenth useless battle – a map retracing the steps
of a pain she will never show; as She floats just a few feet above the refined
pavement of the Temple, eyes closed and expression neutral, so tightly
controlled it just might snap, Moon frets around her.

is so honest, so blunt, so transparent in her reactions and feelings that
shimmer in the fading twilight as She carries her heart on her sleeve with
pride. She touches non-existent hands to the wounds, sharing her energy and
thoughts to heal her beloved faster, and even as everything in her countenance
indicates anger and weariness, She is nothing if not gentle in her care. “You
fought the Crawlers again,” She states flatly.

her, Darkness watches, flicking his tail here and there. He’s the one and only
being who understands the depth of the love they share, when for all the others
– immortals and mortals alike – it is but a passing fancy, or a stubborn
caprice. “Of course She did,” He answers, voice filled with humour and the
smallest hint of reproach. “She had to.”

them,” Moon growls through clenched
teeth, and Sun meets her worried stare with a tender look of her own. “I hate
that they keep lashing out at you.”

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Very nice description. I especially liked the last two lines of dialogue as well and how they fit the characters!

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