Tenley Tych

A more in depth character profile for my WIP. And I’m still using this portrait because I think it’s probably still the best one:


Age: 11 and a half.

Height: Well, I put her at 4′10″ when she’s 12, so right now a little bit less than that.

Bio: Tenley grew up in a cottage with usually just her mother for company. Despite this she actually knows very little about where she came from. She has no idea who her father was, and of her mother she’s only gathered that before having Tenley she was some sort of soldier. She’s gathered this because every day since she could walk Tenley has been made to fight, training in martial arts and having to learn how to use all the weapons her mother kept in the cellar. Her mother also would tie weights to Tenley as she performed activities, such as running and climbing, and at other times abandoned young Tenley in the woods so that she had to find her own way home.  When her mother wasn’t training Tenley, she was most often drunk. Tenley often felt that her mother blamed her either for her father leaving or for having to leave her former life, or both. Despite this Tenley did all she could to prove herself, believing that if she became strong mother would accept her.  And as she was so often drunk, Tenley was also forced to be the responsible one in their home, performing all the necessary chores and learning to prepare meals. She also taught herself many other things by reading books and looking them up online.

Tenley’s personality is best described as perpetually angry – although she’s not really sadistic or cruel. She’ll hurt people who mean to do her or anyone she considers a friend harm but generally doesn’t trouble anyone else. However, although Tenley will often speak negatively of her mother, she will likely react badly if other people do the same – remember no matter how bad a person her mother might have been, and even if she appears to realise that, it’s still the child’s mother and she will defend them against other people. Considering that Tenley has become not fully human anymore, it’s a good idea not to get on her bad side.

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