Tenley by Coutelier

New portrait of character from Jen Air, eleven/twelve year old changeling Tenley Tych.

Name:- Tenley Tych

Height:- 4 feet 10 inches (at age 12)

Favourite Author:- Sun Zu

Favourite Pet:- Animals are stupid. Like you.

Personality:- Despite growing up alone with her mother, the two of them never really showed much outward affection for each other.  Indeed Tenley herself knows remarkably little about her mother’s life before raising her.  Only that she was some kind of soldier and that it was Tenley’s fault she had to stop.  Of her father, she knows even less.  Only that her mother never spoke fondly of him and again seemed to think it was Tenley’s fault he left too.

Tenley’s mother trained her daughter in martial arts and subjected her to harsh physical exercises designed to increase her toughness and endurance.  The young girl sought escape when she could, turning to books and music and toys (despite her mother complaining such things were a frivolous waste of time, Tenley was allowed to keep time).  She even tried using her mother’s computer to talk to other people on the internet, but this her mother became angry about when she found out and put a stop to.  Despite being afraid of her, Tenley did her best to earn her mother’s approval. although never seemed to be quite good enough to do so.

One night, a group of strange men came to their house and Tenley witnessed her mothers murder.  Tenley was in shock until she heard a whisper which led her out into the woods where she met the queen, Titania, who promised to grant her speed and strength so that she may have revenge.  The girl accepted, even though she suspected The Queen had other motives than just helping her.

Tenley today is fearless, or so it seems.  Although her incredible strength and reflexes make some people wary of her, she only ever hurts people who have hurt her first or the few people she still cares about. Although she will regularly test people and seems on to surface to be perpetually mad about something. But Ten does feel sympathy and empathy toward creatures, as demonstrated by the fact that she’s usually, in fact, quite nice to animals, even ones she was mad at before.

Trivia:- Tenley once held a fighting tournament with her toys, which she eventually won (but the last match was close).

Quote:- ‘What’s real is that if you’re not out of my sensor range in the next ten seconds, I am going to hurt you. A lot.’

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