Ten More Facts About Me

Tagged by @wchwriter. So quickly here are ten more facts about myself before I have to go:

1.  I have only one book that is signed by the author.
It was Terry Pratchett who signed it in a library near where my brother lived
(and used to go to so many signings that I remember him joking that books he
hadn’t signed would be worth more than ones he had). So thanks Terry!
2.  I drink a lot of coffee. I used to drink tea
more, but machines are better at coffee (tea, the water needs to be just off
the boil when you pour it in, then you stir and leave to brew).
3.  I’ve had two cats in my life. One was very old
when I was an infant and was my first experience with death (I mean the cat died of
old age – it didn’t try to kill me as far as I remember). The other was also
when I was very young, and I think it ran away because someone brought a dog
into the house and I don’t remember ever seeing her again L
4.  I once bought two gerbils as pets that the pet
shop lady assured me were the same sex. They weren’t.
5. In Scotland once, I won a goldfish at a fair
(which I thought was illegal, but it happened). There was also a rollercoaster
there and I remember seeing people getting on it with little plastic bags
containing goldfish they had won as well…
6.  I have a memory of swallowing a coin when I was
young, and don’t remember it ever coming out so it might still be in there.
7.  When I was little I tried to pick up a teapot,
dropped it, and scolded my foot. There’s still a faint scar.
8.  My dad used to just invite all kinds of people
to stay in our home. I remember a giant Irishman staying with us, Japanese
students, and once he let some girls stay who had just been fighting in the
road outside.
9.  On one of the very rare occasions I go to a
party, I missed the train home and had to wait until morning for the next one.
I slept outside the station and was woken by someone throwing a cake at me.
10.  One of the strangest encounters I’ve had was walking
home through the park and there was a gang of I’d say mid to late teens. I
walked by then I heard one of them yelling ‘oi’ at me, so I was afraid they
were going to mug me or something. Instead, when I turned around, one of them
was just stood there with his pants down and swinging his hips. He had and was a massive

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