Star Trek – The Next Generation:  1×21 – The Arsenal of Freedom

Memory Alpha

If you like shipping characters, you’ll probably hate this episode.  Picard and Crusher come so close to confessing their feelings, only to be interrupted by the bloody plot.

Anyway, they arrive at the Minos, Riker gets frozen by a mysterious weapon, and then Captain decides he’ll beam down with Crusher, because… reasons, okay?  If you don’t question it, it’s a decent episode.  But honestly, the only reason Picard goes down is so that he end up in a cavern with Crusher.  This leaves Geordi in charge of the ship, but as he’s only a junior officer he isn’t given much respect by certain other members of the crew.  Still, he stands his ground and sees everyone through (although I don’t know why the Enterprise is still being attacked after all the other weapons shut down).

There’s a few little flaws here and there, but one positve thing you can say about this episode is that, it happened.  Stuff happened.  It wasn’t like a boring clip show, or Lonely Among Us.  Events definitely did occur here.  There were things going on that we all saw, and a plot with a beginning a middle and an end.  Some of it was even a little bit exciting.

I fell asleep.

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