Star Trek – The Next Generation:  1×20 – Heart of Glory

Memory Alpha

This is the main thing anyone takes from this episode… the first time outsiders have witnessed the Klingon Death Ritual, where they scream at the ceiling and then help themselves to the dead fellow’s boots.

But it’s also the first time we learn about Lieutenant Worf’s backstory, his family being killed during a Romulan attack and his being taken in by humans and raised on Earth (which makes it puzzling that he had never heard of Rome in an earlier episode).  Also, we get to see the world through Geordi’s visor, which is something rarely revisited and each it was a bit different.

Still, this episode sets up every major Klingon story arch in TNG through DS9, with them struggling with their heritage and identity as warriors through times when peace has broken out.

Overall, a decent episode.  Has flaws and is a little bit silly in places, but definitely one of the better episodes from the early seasons.

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