Star Trek – The Next Generation:  1×16 – Too Short a Season

Memory Alpha

I’ve always found Star Trek’s old person make-up very disturbing (when they take a young actor and apply prosthetics to age them), more so than any of the aliens or other stuff.  At first I thought it was just not enjoying being reminded of my own mortality, but now I know that I am in fact immortal, I realise it’s actually a kind of uncanny valley effect.  The faces are just so stiff, and way the actors typically move just not quite natural, not to mention the croaky rasp actors always do to sound old.

Anyway, this episode did have an interesting idea with an old man trying to correct a mistake he’d in his youth.  The problem is that Jameson is such an unlikeable character throughout, making one stupid decision after another, not to mention being selfish and horrible to his wife, so… I don’t care what happens to him.  His wife is the only person I feel at all bad for in all this, because she married an absolute jerk.

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