Star Trek – The Next Generation:  1×10 – Hide and Q

Memory Alpha

I’m going to start posting links to Memory Alpha, so if you want you can go and read a proper synopsis of each episode before I post a random drabble about it.  Anyway…

Q!!!  How have you been, man?  Gotta tell ‘ya, things really haven’t been great round here since you left.  Data got drunk, somehow… then a whole bunch of stuff we just wanna forget.  But, you… you’re back!  We can have fun!  Throw a party!  Hey, hey… remember when you put the whole of humanity on trial for being savage and barbaric?  Good… good times.  Hey, you wanna mess with Riker?

So yes, John de Lancie is back as Q, messing with Riker this time as Picard quotes Shakespeare at him.  Q’s presence and performance at least makes this episode somewhat fun, because John de Lancie is awesome and if he did a version of Rebecca Black’s song ‘Friday’ it would deserve to go straight to the top of the charts.  He gives the godlike powers of the Q to Riker, who in effort to prove he can use these powers for god starts giving gifts to all of the crew.  In this scene, we get to see what Wesley Crusher looks like as an adult, played by a different actor of course.  But, let’s just see how accurate Riker’s prediction of Wesley as a man turned out to be:

Pretty much spot on.

Anyway, it turns out that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Who knew.  I suppose the only problem here is that there’s no real tension, as you know that Riker will have to give up his powers (at least if Jonathan Frakes is going to stay in the series), as letting him keep them would make future episodes difficult to write and have any drama in them at all.

I’m sorry?  Who did you say you were?  The Borg?  F*** you, I’m Riker Q!’  It would be like playing a game where you’re just playing normally, but the other player has every possible hack and cheat enabled.

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