Star Trek – The Next Generation:  1×04 – Code of Honor

Tasha Yar: I think you should know that there is no physical training anywhere that matches Star Fleet.  Especially its security people.

Me: Really?  Because, what I’ve seen, is you guys getting your asses kicked by just about every alien species you run into.

Anyway, in order to stop a plague from spreading the Enterprise travels to Ligon II to get a vaccine, a world obviously far less technologically advanced than the Federation, whose inhabitants are still bound by primitive practices, codes and rituals earthlings long ago evolved out of.  Also, they look like this:

Yeah… for all its lauded for being progressive and inclusive and promoting equality, Trek could be a little naïve to people’s sensibilities sometimes.  I’m sure this was never meant by anyone to become known as ‘the racist episode’ and it was just really bad casting with no one realising how this was going to look until it was too late.

That aside, the most important thing learnt from this episode is that by the 24th century, the French language is dead.  I knew all those lessons in school were a waste of time.

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