Star Trek – The Next Generation:  1×03 – The Naked Now

This episode is pretty much just a copy… sorry, I meant ‘homage’ (that’s what professional writers call it when they copy something)… to the original series episode ‘The Naked Time’, which is referenced in this episode.  Although the only thing from this episode ever referenced again is Datas fully functional fling with Tasha.

It’s kind of glossed over how Data could possibly be infected as well.  He says some guff paraphrasing the words of the great Klingon bard, Chang, but when we see Data’s innards in future episodes there’s no sign of any kind of substitute for blood or organic components.  But as I mentioned, it’ll never be brought up again anyway.

There’s obviously a serious deficiency in Star Fleet’s engineering training program, as this episode introduces us to the first in a line of chief engineers who are all completely bloody useless.  Eventually Geordi La Forge gets the job and manages to go a week without letting Wesley Crusher take over the ship, so gets to keep it.  Bit of a deficiency in Star Fleet security as well, but I’m sure there’ll plenty of opportunity to talk about their gross incompetence in the future.

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