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‘More random stuff that often litters my inbox.  It’s another of those things that attempts to lure you in by offering everything they think a man wants and inevitably if you do talk to them they’ll start asking for money, maybe claiming that they would like to meet in person but need you to pay all their fares.

‘Hi! How is your day?
I am Natalya. I’m from Russia.
Hope you are good and have a
good mood.
I am have never been married and
dont have children, but I’am
want to finding my true love and be
happy with my one and only,
I’m think this is
important forevery women.’

Well that’s pretty presumptuous isn’t it, Natalya?  I doubt you know every women.

‘Im very serious about
received such men and
I amwill do everything to make him happy! Well, you
already think that Im the best owmn in this world,

Well I don’t know what a ‘owmn’ is, so maybe?  I suspect it’s a typo.  Owlman?  I only know of two Owlmen – the DC comics character and the Owlman of Mawnan.  I can’t say you’re better than either of those, but if you are an Owlman I would definitely want to know you better.

‘but Im really sinser and want to be happy with
my lovely honey,
share everything in my life with him and be the best friend
for him!’
I like honey too.  But I’m not interested in sharing.  Unless you are an Owlman, in which case I’d give you all the honey you want in exchange for an interview.  If you wanted me to be interested, you really should have led with the Owlman thing.

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