So this actual cover version of this image.  The story itself is up on kindle
as well, and eventually I’m sure there’ll be comilation of all the
shorts I’m going to write around these characters and some new ones.  
Here’s the description:

‘After defeating the ELF Queen,
Titania, Jennifer Willow Airhart still lives in her lighthouse on top of
a hill. But now she is joined by her friend and rocker Kaya Cade.
Together they have also become the carers and guardians of the strongest
girl in the world (which of course by default makes her the strongest
kid or young adult in the world), Tenley Tych.

But just as they
are all settling into their new home and new life together, a new
threat appears on the streets of Irongate. As before, this one has
assumed the guise of a myth, that of a Victorian urban legend,
Spring-Heeled Jack. It’s up to our heroines to put a stop to his
mischief before he does anyone any more serious harm.

novelette is a direct sequel to Jen Air: The Little Queen, and so
naturally some passages make reference to the events of that story.’

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