So… saw this.  It was okay.

I suppose some people might like a more in depth review.  I don’t know; nice effects and fine as a summer action movie I suppose, but… just wasn’t wowed by it.

I had read the book, the premise of which is a writer going around the world interviewing survivors of ‘the zombie war’.  So there’s quite a variety of characters and stories being told.  I wasn’t expecting the movie to be like that, but still… I think I was expecting something a whole lot more ‘epic’.  Maybe more like one of those seventies disaster movies, so instead of every other shot just being Brad Pitt looking mildly bemused at the horrors going on around him (which he does very well; if you want mild bemusement then Pitts your guy), there would be a much larger cast of characters in different places with their own stories going on and unfolding over the course of the film.

Just a bit of a disappointment, really.

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