The Big 5 Personality Traits

Laci Green looks at Costa & McCrae’s Big 5 Personality Test, exploring how society may affect the expression of personality traits.

Take the Big 5 Personality Test:

Well, since I am open to new experiences, I did take the test.  Here are the results.

I guess I find the results pretty accurate, even though I am just speaking for myself.

Except for A, Aggreeableness.  I don’t find it easy to express irritation with people… even though I really want to.  A lot.

I stopped at a gas/petrol station once, and the attendant was obviously cleaning the place up, but decided to put away all his mops and buckets before serving me.  Then, half way through tidying, he started talking to someone on his phone, and I ended up waiting at the window for at least quarter of an hour, silently fuming the whole time.  When he did finally come over and say sorry for the wait, I just nodded and said it was fine…

Whereas what I perhaps should have done was hammered on the window and yelled until he put his phone down and damn well served me, which would have only taken a minute and then he could have gotten back to his conversation. Or just gone in and shoved the phone up his arse; that might have felt good… for about twenty seconds, at least.  But in any case, you’ve got to complain; it’s the only way you get any service.  Or so I hear.  I never do.

There was another man who arrived behind me who said I must have the patience of a saint.  I could only nod and fake a smile because I knew it wasn’t true.  I’m just a bit cowardly, really; I don’t want to be nasty or hurt anyone’s feelings, even when I think they might be the wrong.

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