Shadows of the Abyss Progress: 3-17-18


Torrent took a sip of her tea, “I’m assuming you still have your Jade Ring?”

“Jade Ring?” Delilah asked.

“It’s one of the only ways to get onto the island without fins…” Torrent muttered.

It was then that color drained from Aunt Mathers’ face.

“I…may have broke it…”

Torrent’s eyes widened, “You what? How the f-” she gritted her teeth, “How in the name of Solaria did you break a Jade Ring?

You might be wondering, “Jade! You posted a progress early in the morning instead of late at night! What’s going on?”

Well, it comes down to this. I don’t write on Saturdays, or at least I’m trying not to.


I made a lot of progress last night that I thought I could give you to make up for the fact I’m not writing today.

So, I hope you enjoy!

(PS: The Jade Rings are green so I found it fitting for today ;))

It’s important to take break occasionally so you can come back to things with fresh eyes.

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!

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