Right now, I’m rewriting a scene where the character Sayuri Oshiro has to create a diversion so the other characters can sneak inside evil incorporated’s headquarters. She really just has to distract the guards a few seconds so the others can jump the barriers.

Ideally of course I want a diversion that leads to a fun and entertaining scene. Originally she just goes in making lots of noise, yelling about them covering up the existence of Bigfoot and demanding they bring out the proof, until they throw her out. An even older idea was for her to go around banging drums, but I had to drop the drum – she obviously didn’t have any drums with her in the previous scene and there’s no reason other characters would have had them lying around.

I am probably going to stick with her just being as loud and obnoxious as possible. The only other alternative I’ve come up with is for her to just streak in front of them, which most likely would achieve her objective, but… there’s already one scene where nudity is mentioned.

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