Right. holidays are just about over.  I’ve already gotten back to doing some writing, so if you’re someone who agreed to do some beta-reading for me hopefully I’ll have some stuff to show you within the next week.  Apart from having to deal with all my relative’s kids showing me all these ‘dank memes’ (I don’t think they know that ‘dank’ means damp and smelly and is like many things a reference to drugs), another reason I’ve been quiet these last few weels is that my PC, which is about four or five years old now, I decided was on it’s last legs so I’ve got a new one.

If you like techie stuff, my new PC is an i7 7700 with 32gb RAM and nVidia 1070 8gb graphics card.  I can run VR games on this now… you know, if I had another thousand pounds to spare and was willing to throw out all my furniture and maybe knock down a wall so I have enough space for it.

Actually of more importance to me right now though is the new Microsoft keyboard and mouse.  For a couple years now I’d been using a really cheap crappy keyboard from some electronic store.  The new one is definitely nicer… it feels a lot nicer, although it will take some getting used to having proper feedback from the keys again.

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