reblog if you hate the staff telling you what the “best stuff” on tumblr is without your opinion.




A message to the @staff of tumblr from the tumblr community. We do not appreciate you choosing for us what we will see on our dashboards.
We follow and reblog artists because we enjoy their content and wish to share it with others and your “best stuff” feature gets in the way of that.

Now most of us have already turned this feature off by now, this post is to show solidarity. Each note on this is a symbol saying that the communities of this website will decide for ourselves the content we wish to see and we do not want, nor need some algorithm making this choice for us.

Spread this around. I don’t care about your politics, views, whatever. You use this site, you dislike the “best stuff” feature, then reblog this and let the @staff know.

I’m reblogging because I’m on PC and this Best Stuff first screwed up my activity and borked my dash and now I see less than a quarter of the posts people are making and I can’t even turn it off or fix it somehow. I’m damned near done with this hell site. @staff

I don’t think anyone is happy about this. I don’t know why @staff thought this was a good idea, but it was not.

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