Proof Reading & Editing

I never had a proof reader or editor for any of the fan fiction I wrote… and boy does it show.  I know there are people who will do that sort of thing if you asked, but I suck at actually asking for help with anything.  It’s the one really manly trait I have, and as such I’m determined to hold onto it.

Still… so many errors.  Things like ‘raised’ where it should say ‘rose’, unless I meant to imply that the character cast a resurrection spell on themselves, which I don’t think I did.  The staggering thing of course is that I know that’s a mistake, and would spot it instantly if I read it anywhere else.  Yet somehow it slips past when I do it myself.  And then other instances where there are words and sometimes even entire sentences missing…

Well obviously for my original fic I’m going to make sure to have several people check all of it before I do anything.

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