Pharos One: Project ELF


The page for my WIP, available here and through the link at the top of my blog. ‘Pharos One’ is the name of a file the company Meridiem keeps on Jennifer Airhart and her associates (a reference to her living in a lighthouse), and Project ELF is the focus of the current story. The page also contains links to quick character profiles and other info:


Jennifer Airhart

Tenley Tych

Character Interview Questions 1



Stag Corp

Which I will obviously be adding more to over time.

Also I’m still not sure whether this is Young Adult or New Adult, so, whatever.

Of course I try to think of things people will already know that are a bit like the story I’m writing to make it easier to describe to people. There’s little that’s an exact match, but let’s see:

It’s like Ghostbusters but without ghosts (nerd uses science, technology and smarts to fight a seemingly supernatural foe).

Like the X-Files but without Aliens. Maybe Fringe would be a better match, but I’ve never watched it, so.

Like Doctor Who when The Doctor was stranded on Earth by The Time Lords. But you’ve got to be familiar with old-school Doctor Who to understand that. Maybe like Torchwood, but without the stupid cyber-woman in her stupid cyber-bikini.

Like Scooby-Doo. I mean there’s a van and a team solving mysteries. Just without a dog who can almost talk but not quite. Does have Tenley Tych though, who hardly needs to remind anyone of how amazing she is, but often does anyway.

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