Okay, I finally uploaded another chapter of Asterion, albeit a short one.  Much of what’s been troubling me lately has been in what order to place the next few scenes, and indeed how to divide up the chapters.

It’s on another blog that needs a password to access, so if you want to beta-read and give feedback all you have to do is send a message (albeit of course the chapters are in reverse order, with the last one first, but it’s easy enough to navigate between them using the archive thingy).  Here’s a short sample from the latest chapter anyway:

In the absence of any pressing business right now though, he
just stretched out, planning where he was going to put his pool table.  A moment later the intercom buzzed.  “You have a message from Lady Conway,” the
voice said.

Victor’s eyes shot out.  He bolted upright, jamming his hand on the
answer button as leant over the speaker and hissed, “I’m doing it, okay?  Tell the wicked witch of floor one hundred that
I’m…” he paused, squinting.  By the door
a woman had appeared.  Obviously one of
the researchers who worked here.  About thirty-five
to forty years of age.  Tall, dark
skinned, and even under her lab coat he could tell that she was athletic.  She could probably kick his ass if she
wanted, although not if she wanted to keep her job.  So what did she want?  Then he remembered that he’d asked her to see
him as soon as she was available.  “Tell
her I’ll call her back,” he told the secretary and relaxing back into his chair
said, “Doctor Jana Sarkis, right?  Please
take a seat.”

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