My WIP – The Good(ish) Guys

There are a lot of characters in Irongate – as I’ve been writing I’ve been developing the town more and more. Here is a list of the characters who appear, however briefly, in my current WIP, with a quick description… in fact I’ll have to split it into three parts; good guys, bad guys, and others. So here the main good(ish) guys:

Jennifer Airhart – There was a rumor that a witch lived just outside of town in an old lighthouse (and why there’s a lighthouse out there is another mystery entirely). Turns out it was just Jennifer – she spends most of her time at home doing experiments and doesn’t interact with people very much.

Kaya Cade – small time thief and plays guitar. As a teenager she wanted to be accepted but fell in with a bad crowd who encouraged the worst aspects of her nature. She regrets it now, but there are still things in her past she finds it hard to escape from.

Sayuri Oshiro/Oshiro Sayuri – The Oshiro’s run a general store and will buy and sell just about anything (provided it isn’t stolen). Outwardly Sayuri seems a very cool and compassionate individual. She lets out most of her stress on the drums, and really likes money.

Tenley Tych – Eleven year old Tenley lived in a cottage with her mother all her life, taking care of both of them as her mother was too drunk and angry to take care of herself. Pound for pound though, Tenley may be one of the greatest warriors in the world. (Tenley’s mother is never named in this story, although in another she’s referred to as Phaedra).

Doctor Jana Sarkis – Geneticist working at Stag Corp. Jana’s family moved to Irongate from Egypt when she was very young. She started at Stag Corp working for Jonathan Airhart, Jen’s father, and in the years since his disappearance still regularly checks up on her.

Chauncey ‘Chance’ Delainy – Police sergeant. Doesn’t look as posh as his name suggests. In fact he tends to look very tired. Chance considers himself tough, but fair, and as someone who knows how the world works.

Francis Daramy – Chance’s partner (police partner that is), and far more affable. Originally from Sierra Leone, Francis likes to tell stories, although often those stories don’t seem to really have a point or go anywhere.

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