Most Famous People I’ve Met

The most famous person I’ve ever met was, obviously, Mark Little, aka Joe Mangel from Austrailian soap opera Neighbours.  Of course, I nearly fainted… I couldn’t believe it was him!  The only way I could have been more excited is if Bouncer was there too.

But I sense that might not be impressive to some people (philistines).  I suppose, I did also bump into Mel Gibson once.  Not as impressive I know.  It was many years ago.  He wasn’t a racist then (or at least he was hiding it pretty well), but he was drinking.

Of course I’ve also been to talks/lectures given by, among others, Kenneth Branagh, and been to a few shows where I’ve gone up to get things signed afterwards.  Never actually been to a convention, although it’s an ambition to do so one day.

Now my dad though, when he first moved to London, his job was basically to go around to the homes of people claiming benefits to make sure they weren’t commiting any fraud (although I remember him talking about a Jewish family who were actually entitled to more help than they were getting, but they refused to take any more).  But a lot of the people he had to check on were out of work actors.  He claims that one of them was Michael York.

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