MC – Irongate

Motion comic-type thing based on Irongate.

In full color! With sounds! And music! It would be great if I got voice actors as well, but a little out of my budget which I pretty much blew on Holst.

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Many fairy tales begin with a child. Broken, orphaned, rejected, then found by a seemingly magic being that will grant them any wish. Many fairy tales, and this is no exception. Dreams become reality, but there is usually a price, terms, conditions. And dreams can be twisted into nightmares. This is a fairy tale, but not everything is as it seems.

Kaya Cade remembers a time when the world was young and days lasted a thousand years. Just over a decade later and those days seem light-years away. She finds herself in a tedious job having in that decade made a complete mess of her life, her friendships… There is no magic in this world. No adventure.

Newly changed by Titania, Tenley must adapt fast to her new abilities…

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