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Tagged by the wonderful @emmaephemeral. Thank you so much! Here is the last line that I wrote:

Orbulon had never wanted to learn what it was like to wish he could pop his eyes from his sockets to spare himself the agony of watching.

…poor Lonnie. What context?

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With silent prayers, she followed him while he gathered his stuff to go with her.

Yeah, Aleena has family issues again. lol

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Thanks for the tag lovely 😊

Have a sneak peak for this weeks smut Sunday


“What?” Adam asked as Max continued to look at him sceptically. He was visibly flushing and it gave Max an idea. He picked up another piece of ice and decided to try something.


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Thank you @lady-redshield-writes​ and @alittle-writer​ here’s the last line I wrote–

There’s comfort in fighting because you can forget.

I’ll tag @writerray@loveiseldritch @coutelier 🙂

(I’ll give the whole bit of dialogue as ‘we grow mushrooms’ I feel needs a bit more context’):

“That wouldn’t just involve replacing all of the persons muscle tissue with some new material not encountered in nature, but bones and other organs would have to be replaced too, not to mention altering the brain and nervous system to properly control these new abilities. Programming like that is beyond us at this point. We grow mushrooms.”

I see a lot of names I know have already been tagged, so I’ll tag everyone in the world!

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