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Tagged by the incredible @authorisada and the wonderful @rusty-sky-cat. Thank you both so much, friends! Since I was tagged by multiple people, have multiple lines:

It’s not over, whispered his and not his voice. It won’t be over.

But at that moment, it didn’t matter. The sun’s warmth couldn’t compete with Eloisia leaning against him, her arm draped over his leg. It couldn’t compare with Salvatore at his other side, head resting on Orbulon’s shoulder. Their chests rose and fell in time. He swore he could feel their hearts hammering in their chests – such thin chests, protected by such thin bones.

Orbulon hoped they could feel his, too. He hoped they didn’t mind him shaking as, at last, he let himself cry.

I love the three of them so. Much.

Tagging: @coutelier, @fireflys-locket, @halfbloodlycan, @praise-the-lord-im-dead, @morrigans-ink-0124, @folatefangirl, and @cog-writes. If you have time and would like to do this!

Nice to see a moment of peace. Hopefully not the calm before a storm!

I’m currently writing a section with The Dibbles (what Kaya Cade calls the police, which is old-timey slang) trying to investigate some of the madness going on in town:

From his time in the army he had learned there were essentially two kinds of killer; there were psychopaths and sociopaths out there, sure, but the other kind killed for love, whether romantic love or some twisted idea of such, or love for ones country, faith, family,,, so the question was which were they dealing with here?

I’m pretty sure I did tag some people in something like this quite recently, or it might have been something else entirely… my memory is terrible.  But whenever I post a game it is an open invitation for everyone who happens to see it.

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