You’re a powerful dragon that lived next to a small kingdom. For centuries you ignored humanity and lived alone in a cave, and the humans also avoided you. As the kingdom fell to invaders, a dying soldier approaches you with the infant princess, begging you to take care of her.

Sekkin the Terrible, Lord of the Red Forest, Devourer of All, arose to the smell of smoke. He shifted in half-wakefulness, scales rippling in a wave down his massive back, and inhaled. Air rushed into lungs like caverns, filling his home with the reverberating echo of breath. The smell lingered.

Sekkin opened one enormous eye. It burned gold as the flames he could exhale. His slitted pupil contracted, pulling tight the web of veins crisscrossing its surface. He blinked, and a vast cave swam into view before him, large enough to hold three dragons his size. Though there was hardly a chance of that. Sekkin was the only one of his kind for…he didn’t know how far. Not any more.

The other eye did not open. It had been gouged out long ago.

He sniffed the air again. The smoke was worsening. The stench of burning wood, of frightened animals, of rent flesh, wafted past his nose.

And it was not from his own fire.

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Awww… although when I’m around babies I’m always uncertain what to do and terrified of accidentally hurting them in some way, and I’m mostly human. I imagine it will be especially for a dragon, but perhaps the books and maybe magic can help?

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