Jurassic World

In Jurassic Park, John Hammand resurrected dinosaurs for his theme park, but then placed responsibility for the security systems in the hands of one man who John then proceeded to aggravate at every opportunity.  In The Lost World, Julianne Moore is a terrible naturalist and Vince Vaughn continually endangers people’s lives despite supposedly being one of the good guys.  In Jurassic Park III… who cares.  Well, last thursday I went to see more dumb people doing more dumb stuff in Jurassic World.

My thoughts… well, without spoiling too much, as a summer action movie it’s fine.  There are some decent and fun action sequences, although it… gets a little bit weird at the end.  It’s not a smart movie, but then the other movies were never really smart, despite all Doctor Malcolm’s pseudo nonsense.  The characters all a bit… meh.  Starlord is good, the others I don’t really care for.  The bad guy is just… you can see in his eyes as all the carnage is happening (I don’t think it’s spoiling anything that things don’t go all that smoothly) that he’s watching it thinking ‘oh, I… I think I love her.  Kill for me, my beast!’

But of course the dinosaurs are the real stars.  On that front though, I wouldn’t sat I ever felt awed by them.  But that may be just because the original Jurassic Park was so ground breaking and breathtaking in its special effects that the experience you had in the theater then is simply impossible to replicate now, having already seen it done many times.

So it’s an okay action movie, and probably the best of the sequels (although that’s not setting the bar especially high).  I’ll give it maybe 6/10.  6.5, as I’m feeling generous today.

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