Jen Air Fan-Fic by my Niece

Well, I actually received the first ever fan fiction based of my own original work… kind of.  I mean it’s only a couple of sentences, right now, but still…

See my nephew (11) and niece (9) were staying with me as it’s half-term, and I was letting her use my laptop to play games on, but they got into my files and read my stories, including Springheel.  My nephew had actually proof-read it before, but he found a couple that he must have missed the first time, because he’s useless.  But I mean, if they’re going to be staying, I might as well put them to some use.  It’s alright; it’s not child labour.  I don’t pay him.

Now, in the story, Springheel, near the beginning the villain attacks a family in their car.  The two girls in the story are cheerleaders and are practicing just before the attack.  Now, my niece is in a cheerleading squad in real life, so she decided to write a new cheer for them:

“The Roses are back and were better than before you better watch out cause were tearing up the floor! GOOOOOO ROSES!” Teisha and Angelina practiced their cheers, which would have been fine but for the fact they were doing so in the back of their dad, Steven’s, car.

Yeah, she gave the character’s names and a name for their cheerleading squad.  And then she wanted to know about what happened to them afterwards (it’s mentioned in the story that they’re fine.  One of them got a bit singed, but they survived the attack without any really serious physical injury).  But she said she would write her own story about what happened.  I think she just wants to write a story about cheerleaders, although I don’t know that she actually will as she’s always suddenly deciding she wants and then just as promptly forgets about them.  Still, it’s something.

She did give me some other feedback as well.   She didn’t like when Jen as ‘the blonde‘.  I was confused, as to me it’s just a useful adjective to use rather than just repeating the character’s name all the time.  And she didn’t object to other characters being referred to as ‘the brunette’ or ‘the punk’ or ‘the police officer’.  After discussing it, I think what was actually going on is that she has the idea in her head that blondes are supposed to be ditsy and dumb, which Jen isn’t.  But in any case, I’ve decided from now to just refer to Jen as ‘the fair haired science pixie’.

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