I’m still surprised that people feel so strongly about dinosaurs being birds or having feathers. The evidence seems pretty clear they are and they did. Is it just because it contradicts the books they had as children that showed dinosaurs all scaly? The books I had when I was very young still showed dinos like Allosaurus standing upright in a tripod stance (using their tails as like a third leg). Was there this much fuss when that changed?


I have honestly no idea. Probably though. 

This has gone completely fucking pear shaped

You’re going to have to decapitate m-

I don’t remember it, but I suppose it might have just been that the internet hadn’t taken off yet to allow people who still preferred the old Roo-saurs a platform to make themselves heard.  Never mind though, here is my baby Dinosaur:

Grrrr! Fear me, primates!  One day my feathered brethren shall rise up to reclaim our world from you hairless apes!  Fear me!  Also, give me a cracker… and then fear me!

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