I upload some of the drafts from my WIP to a password protected blog here on Tumblr, so people can ask or message me if they want to have a look (there will of course proper beta-readings when each draft is complete). In the mean time, here’s a paragraph:

Once through the big glass doors he presented himself to one of the guards on duty, not that it was necessary as they all knew who their chief was. But all of this – the guards, the scanners, cameras – it was all theater really to make the suits and scientists feel safe, although it did work to deter all but the most foolhardy trespassers. There had only been one incident in Sam’s time here when someone had made it in almost all the way to the CEO’s office. They never found out what the intruder had wanted as the old man was paranoid as hell and what was up there, that wasn’t theater.

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