I am excited though.  I’ve not played many JRPG’s where you actually control a female protagonist through most of it.  I know there are quite a few out there, and Tales of Xillia gave you a choice between playing as Jude or Milla and a few sections of the game would be different depending on who you were.

But in most the ones I’ve you’re a young man who’s father is probably a swordsman who dies early on, and you meet your intended girlfriend that you’ve known since a child and whose parents died of some unexplained illness and that inspired her to become a healer and then your home is attacked by some baddies that you decide to go after or go somewhere else to find help and then stumble a much larger plot that eventually involves the releasing of some giant monster you have to fight.  And you’ll probably visit a spring at some point and have some hilarious misunderstanding with the ladies.  The old, old story.

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